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Friday, 17 November 2017

Weight Loss - Eating A Balanced Diet

  Obesity is an enemy of beauty. It destroys the shapeliness of the body and gives it an unpleasant look. People think of it be a disease. However, obesity is not an illness in itself, but is a foster-mother of various diseases. A shapely figure can be maintained with the help of a regular balanced diet and daily exercises. Heaviness of the body hinders the free and healthy flow of blood through the veins and muscles. This in turn affects the functioning of the heart, leading to heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. A 10 per cent extra fat means a risk of reduced longevity by 20 per cent.

 What is Dieting ?
Dieting signifies the intake of a balanced diet; and a balanced diet means the kind of food which guarantees good health. Nourishing diet contains protein, carbohydrates fats and vitamins & minerals. Dieting does not mean starving. It means controlling the weight through a balanced diet. It is necessary to consult a doctor before going on a in order to ascertain that we do not take drastic measures in lose weight. It is also advisable to avoid the in long run take or weight reducing drugs. These drugs may prove effective initially but in the congrua they prove to be harmful.

Your Diet
Normally a healthy body digests food within 15 - 20 minutes and converts it into energy. A wise and correct choice of food items, the method of cooking them and punctuality and regularity of food timings are important for good health. A sound health in itself is a means to real beauty. Our diet must contain a balanced proportion of protein and carbohydrates. A young woman of an average height, who is not pregnant, or who is not engaged in physical labour, requires 2300 calories a day. One gram protein gives 4 calories, 1 gram carbohydrate also gives 4 calories, whereas 1 gram of fat gives 9 calories.

It is found in abundance in milk, eggs, meat and fish, soyabean, almond, coconut, groundnut, etc. It gives us strength.

It is found in cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc. It helps in generating calories. Deficiency of carbohydrates leads to weakness.

One of the 3 nutrients (along with carbohydrates and proteins) that supply calories & the body. It provides calcium to the tissues and is important for growth.

For raw (uncooked) salad, use tomato, carrot, beet-root, radish, cucumber, kakdi, green-leaby vegetables such as palak, soya, etc., and onion.
Grapes, pomegranadtes, mussambi, apples pear, apricot, strawberry, papaya, water-melon and pineapple are nourishing and good for checking obesity.
Instead of sugar, use pure honey or khand sari.
Use as little water as you can for cooking vegetables. Steaming is better. Overcooking for longer duration causes loss of some vital vitamins. Intake of sufficient quantity of fresh water is advisable because it helps in regulating bowel movement which gives an attractive glow to skin.

Vegetarian Diet
Ratio of calories:
Protein – 30 %
Carbohydrates - 65%
Fat – 5 %
Non-vegetarian Diet
Ratio of calories :
Protein – 30 %
Carbohydrates – 50 %
Fat – 20 %
A.    A.   Breakfast: Slices of 250 grams bread with butter, jam or jelly. Oat meal cornflakes in milk without sugar. One egg, boiled or poached. Any fruit ( seasonal). A cup of tea or coffee without milk and sugar.
B.   B.  Lunch or dinner: Freshly made, 2-3 roasted chapattis or 4 slices of bread, cooked vegetables without spices, 1 bowl (katori) of curried vegetable, 1 small glass butter-milk or curd without sugar or salt and some seasonal fruit.
.       A. Breakfast: Some fruit or a cup of fresh fruit-juice, 1 egg (poached or boiled), 2 slices of bread with jam or butter, a cup of tea or coffee without milk and sugar.

.       B. Lunch or dinner: Salad, chicken soup, boiled or roasted meat (one piece) or tandoori chicken or fish (not more than two pieces), 1 naan, or 2-3 chapatis, plain curd and some fresh fruit (seasonal).