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Friday, 3 November 2017

Shape of Eyebrows

Some women are allergic to eye make up. In this case, the eyes redden, water and the skin around the eyes redden, water and the skin around the eyes get a burning sensation. Use only good quality products. The markets are flooded with sub standard or imitation products. Beware of them or you will spoil even your natural charm in a bid to heighten it artificially. Discontinue the use if you feel any irritation, rashes, ets. Always take care to clean your hands and brushes well to avoid infection.
Shape of Eyebrows
Eyebrows play an important role in heightening the beauty of the eyes. Do not give shape to your eyebrows by using a razor, instead, use a plucker or go for threading. Pull the hair upwards from their roots if you are using a plucker pincer. Threading, howere, is more advisable to pluckign because when plucked with pincers the roots become harder and hard hair sprout. Not so inthreading. After  plucking or threading use ‘Eav-de-cologue’ or an anti septic cream lotion to prevent a burning sensation.