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Friday, 3 November 2017

Hair Style

To a large extent a woman’s beauty depends on her hair style. A woman’s charm is enhanced if her hair Style is set according to the face and body. Face can be round, flat, oval and oblong. Hair should be styled according to the shape of the face. You are the best judge to decide which Hair style suits you. Look at the a mirror and decide. If you are unable to decide, take the help of beautician. Here are some hints for you to choose the right-style:

Straight and untied hair make a round face look longish and attractive. The end of the hair should be as long as the end of the chin.
For a long face, short hair spread at the end on the sides look attractive. Longish style does not suit a long face.
Oval Face
An oval face usually has a broad forehead and a pointed chin. Hair should be spread at the top and clinging at the bottom so that the face appears symmetrical. Do not part hair in the middle.
Flat Face
Curls look attractive on a flat face. Let hair dangle on the forehead, eyes and temples so that they appear scattered. Do not part your hair in the middle.
Short Neck
If you have a short neck, let your hair be short so that a major part of the neck is exposed.
Small Forehead and Broad Jaw
Hair should be trimmed at the front. Back combing is advisable. For a broad jaw have a hair-cut which comes upto the jaws so that the breadth is hidden and jaws looks small.
Small Chin
For a small chin, go for a hair-cut that reaches the chin and roll the ends inwards so that the ears and chin are partly covered.
Large Ears
If ears are proportionately large, try to hide them. Have a hair-cut on the sides with ends rolled inward towards the ears.
Tall Height, Slim Body
Any hair-style suits this figure. Shoulder cuts look particularly attractive.
Tall Height, Fat Body
An obese body looks unattractive with too short or too long hair. Short hair on a fat person make her appear too short and fat.
Short height, Slim Body
Any style will suit but do not go for very long hair. Scattered hair make the upper part look obese.
Short Height, Fat Body
Have a cut only upto jaws. Do not scatter the hair. The body will look fat.