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Friday, 3 November 2017

Hair Lice

Problem of Lice
A lock of curly, black and long hair is a symbol of health and beauty. It is every woman’s ordent desire to have such hair which could be the envy of others. But, hair care is a constant process and one cannot afford to be slack. Any clackness in cleanliness breeds lice. A louse is a wingless parasitic insect with 6 claw-like feet. It is grey in colour but it turns brownish after suckign blood, which it does with 2 small trunk like whiskers. A louse egg hatches in 9 days and within a fortnight the young ones attain maturity. Long hair is more prone to lice infestation.
The back portion of the head itches when infested with lice. Itch causes abrasion of the scalp skin. Lice can be controlled by removing their eggs in the initial stages. Avoid using towels, soap or comb of a person with lice.
Controlling Lice
Take talcum powder and add 0.2 per cent prethrum dust in it or add 10 per cent DTT. Sprinkle this powder on the hair before going to bed and rub it vigorously so that it reaches the roots. Cover your mouth, nose and eyes to protect them from the powder.
An anti lice oil can also be made with coconut of mustard oil mixed with 0.2 per cent lindane or 0.1 per cent prethrum essence. This oil can be rubbed well into the scalp to kill lice.
The above mentioned concoctions should be used at night. Tie a cloth around your head after applying any one of the medicines. let it remain at least for 24 hours. While washing off, do not use soap or shampoo. Repeat this for a week. Lice and their eggs will both be eliminated.