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Friday, 3 November 2017

Eye shadow

Eye shadow is used on the eyelid between the eyebrows and eyelashes. This is a tender part. Hence, eye-shadow is applied with a finger. It is available in many shades but one should be very careful in choosing a suitable shade. Likewise, it is available in many forms cread, powder, cake, stick. The cream form is more popular. Use a little face powder on the eyelid as a base before using an eye shadow. Since most Indian women have dark, black eyes, they can use chocolate, green or mauve shades. Eye shadows should be used for night make up. If you are going to attend a wedding or party during the day time, you may use it in light touches. Sunken eyes look more sunken with eye shadow. Women with such eyes should avoid using it. They should use foundation cream in its place. For prodruding eyes, brownish tinge is suitable, which should be filled in upto eye brows.
Mascara is used to thicken the eyelashes. It should also be used for evenin g make up. Mascara is put on with a brush at the root of the eyelashes and is applied upto the end of the lashes. It is available in many shades, though black is more popular. During day time, apply black  or steel grey shades. At night, black eye liner, dark mascara and white eye shadow is normally used. For bluish and brown eyes, black eye liner with light blue mascara for day time; and for evenings, blue eye liner, blue mascara and blue eye shadow is suitable.
Take care to remove this make up before going to bed. It should be cleaned with baby oil. Close your eyes, apply baby oil on a cotton wool swab and scrub slowly, gently. First clean the upper part and ends. Open your eyes and clean the lower part.