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Monday, 13 November 2017

Shapely Arms

The fashion of sleeveless blouses, shirts, maxis and kaftan requires extra attention to be paid to the arms which stay exposed in these attires. Slackness in maintaining shapely arms result in loosing the charm of your outfit. All your efforts to look smart and modern goes waste. some sore points are: very fat arms, hairy forearms, very thin and flabby arms, Likewise, shapelessness, dryness and scragginess mar the beauty. Sleeveless dresses expose their ugliness, giving an unattractive impression of the entire personality. Here are a few suggestions for ensuring their beauty:
Arms are important for your body and a couple of minutes a day spent caring for them can be worthwhile. You must ensure if you have arms which are naturally balanced in shape. If they are flabby and have unwanted fat and flesh, try swimming, grinding with hands, badminton. Or choose some light weight exercise which will give maximum movement to the arms. If your arms are thin, you can increase intake of fat contents and protein in food. Massage with til oil is also useful.
     Unwanted hair on the forearms should not be neglected. They should be removed. There are many methods for removing hair which can be used. If arms are dry, rub in salt on them. Before bath, moisten the arms, take a fistful of salt and rub it in circular motion. Another method is to make a paste with oat flour and milk. Massage the paste on the dry part, leave for 15 minutes and wash off. Skin becomes soft and clean.
     Yet another method for beautiful arms is as follows:
Take 1 spoonful of tomato juice, 1 spoonful lemon juice and 1 spoonful milk. Mix these well and rub on arms. Leave for 15 minutes. Wash off. In winter the oil secreting glands become inactive which results in dryness of the skin. Take a little milk, add olive oil and a few drops of rose water and massage on the arms. Take bath after 15 minutes.
     Elbows are also most often neglected. They become dry, hard and black. Avoid placing elbows on chair or table as far as possible. Scrub them well while bathing. You can use a stone scrubber to clean them. A simple method to clean elbows and make them soft is to take a lemon, slice it into halves, take out the juice, place them on the table and sit placing your elbows within these shells. You can sit in this pose for 10 - 15 minutes.