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Beauty Tips - for Women and Men

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Friday, 3 November 2017

Art Of Beautification Part - 1

Macro lotion
Instinct lotion is used to prevent the tendency to tilt the oil skin viscosity, as the oil inhibits the pores. To open them, it is advisable to use good stylet lotion on the exposed part of the skin. The main elements in an astringent lotion are: alum (alum), glycerin and water are some famous brands of this lotion: max-factor, lakme, festival.
calamine lotion
Calamine is used to remove the skin spots and the AO also makes it available in different colors according to the requirement of any color, lacto-calamine and visco turmeric creams of Lekma are popular products.
The Foundation not only exposes the spot, but also makes the skin smooth so that the face is attractive and well prepared. The Hi-Fi Foundation Cream of Max-Factor is available in many colors. It can be chosen according to your color. Satin glow is in liquid form by lactam and is useful for all types of skin. The ‘natural look’ by Gala and sheer genius is full-beauty aids by themselves in the maximum-factor.
face powder
Face powder is applied after the application of foundation to make the face bright and shiny. Face powder is available in different colors and should be chosen according to your skin’s face. Chemicals such as kaolin, talc magnesium steerate, magnesium carbonate, zinc oxide, yellow oxide, gray oxide and perfumes are the main components of face powder. Do not breathe in the face because chemicals are harmful to the lungs. The reason for this cancer can be Lakme, Max-Factor and Producers of Pounds Face Powder.