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Friday, 3 November 2017

Applying Nail Polish

Rest your arm on a table so that the hands do not shake while applying nail polish. Remove all grease from nails. Shake well the nail polish bottle and apply with brush from the root of nails to their tips. Leave it for 5 minutes to dry. Apply a second coat. It gives shine. Polish should not spread to the skin around the nails. Nail polish tends to get air bubbles when the bottle is shaken often, and it also clots. This spoils the polish. It then cannot be applied evenly.
For polishing, first apply it on the sides and fill in the middle carefully. This will prevent it from spreading to the sides. In order to bring extra shine on the nails varnish can be applied for 12 hours before using nail polish. In rainy season, it takes longer to dry. Remember to remove nail polish once a wek for nails to breathe. Use only standard products. Sub-standard nail polishes may harm the roots of nails.
Nails can be given the disired shape with nail polish. For example, if you want them to look roundish, do not use nail polish on sides. They can be made to look oblong, by leaving out the elevated corners without nail polish. If both edges are left without polish, nails look smaller in size.