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Eat Well To Look Beautiful

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Eat Well To Look Beautiful

November 24, 2017

  In ancient times, women became conscious of their beauty as soon as they entered adolescence; beauty-aids and cosmetics were not as easily available to them as they are today. So, they cared for their looks with natural products fruits and vegetables. It was not only an effective means to maintain their beauty, but was also inexpensive. Natural things are, indeed, the best bet for beauty. Banana, apple, orange, water-melon, raspberry, etc., are effective beauty-aids. If you have dry skin, take a banana, mash it, add a spoonful of rose water and two drops glycerin. Store this mixture in a bottle in the fridge. Apply this before make up, keep it for half an hour and wash it off with lukewarm water. The pulp of one banana can last a week.
   It you have an oily skin, take an apple, peel it, chop it in small pieces, apply on the face like a paste coating, leave for half an hour, wash with lukewarm water. Apple is nourishing for the skin.
     Are you worried because you have an unattractive skin? Then try this: Peel an orange, boil the pulpy part in clean water for 15 minutes and strain it when it gets cold. Use it as a lotion and your skin will be velvet soft. If the skin is carped due to heat wave, rub water melon pieces on the affected portion. Water melon absorbs heat from your body. Raspberry juice is an effective cleansing lotion. For removing make up, rub peeled raspberries. The juice will remove make up and dust particles. Apply a good cold cream and massage. The skin will attain a natural glow.
 Among vegetables, effective beauty aids are lemon, potato, carrot, cucumber, tomato, et. al. For oily skin, lemon is effective. Add a small quantity of milk and lemon juice in oat flour. Apply this mixture on the face, leave it for 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. This lotion removes unwanted facial hair. Lemon juice is an effective hair conditioner. If you have oily hair, rinse with water mixed with lemon juice after shampooing. For black spots and shadows, lemon juice mixed with fresh milk cream can be applied before retiring to bed. Potato also keeps the skin clean and fresh. Carrot has effective ingredients for preserving beauty. Carrot juice can be used as a lotion. An effective lotion can be made by chopping carrot into small pieces, boil them in water, mash and apply on the face for half an hour. For cleaning clogged pores, tomato juice and lemon juice can be mixed in equal quantities and apply. Cucumber juice is good as eye drops in summer. Also, cucumber pieces can be placed on the eyes and rubbed on the face as a beauty aid.


Weight Loss - Eating A Balanced Diet

November 17, 2017

  Obesity is an enemy of beauty. It destroys the shapeliness of the body and gives it an unpleasant look. People think of it be a disease. However, obesity is not an illness in itself, but is a foster-mother of various diseases. A shapely figure can be maintained with the help of a regular balanced diet and daily exercises. Heaviness of the body hinders the free and healthy flow of blood through the veins and muscles. This in turn affects the functioning of the heart, leading to heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. A 10 per cent extra fat means a risk of reduced longevity by 20 per cent.

 What is Dieting ?
Dieting signifies the intake of a balanced diet; and a balanced diet means the kind of food which guarantees good health. Nourishing diet contains protein, carbohydrates fats and vitamins & minerals. Dieting does not mean starving. It means controlling the weight through a balanced diet. It is necessary to consult a doctor before going on a in order to ascertain that we do not take drastic measures in lose weight. It is also advisable to avoid the in long run take or weight reducing drugs. These drugs may prove effective initially but in the congrua they prove to be harmful.

Your Diet
Normally a healthy body digests food within 15 - 20 minutes and converts it into energy. A wise and correct choice of food items, the method of cooking them and punctuality and regularity of food timings are important for good health. A sound health in itself is a means to real beauty. Our diet must contain a balanced proportion of protein and carbohydrates. A young woman of an average height, who is not pregnant, or who is not engaged in physical labour, requires 2300 calories a day. One gram protein gives 4 calories, 1 gram carbohydrate also gives 4 calories, whereas 1 gram of fat gives 9 calories.

It is found in abundance in milk, eggs, meat and fish, soyabean, almond, coconut, groundnut, etc. It gives us strength.

It is found in cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc. It helps in generating calories. Deficiency of carbohydrates leads to weakness.

One of the 3 nutrients (along with carbohydrates and proteins) that supply calories & the body. It provides calcium to the tissues and is important for growth.

For raw (uncooked) salad, use tomato, carrot, beet-root, radish, cucumber, kakdi, green-leaby vegetables such as palak, soya, etc., and onion.
Grapes, pomegranadtes, mussambi, apples pear, apricot, strawberry, papaya, water-melon and pineapple are nourishing and good for checking obesity.
Instead of sugar, use pure honey or khand sari.
Use as little water as you can for cooking vegetables. Steaming is better. Overcooking for longer duration causes loss of some vital vitamins. Intake of sufficient quantity of fresh water is advisable because it helps in regulating bowel movement which gives an attractive glow to skin.

Vegetarian Diet
Ratio of calories:
Protein – 30 %
Carbohydrates - 65%
Fat – 5 %
Non-vegetarian Diet
Ratio of calories :
Protein – 30 %
Carbohydrates – 50 %
Fat – 20 %
A.    A.   Breakfast: Slices of 250 grams bread with butter, jam or jelly. Oat meal cornflakes in milk without sugar. One egg, boiled or poached. Any fruit ( seasonal). A cup of tea or coffee without milk and sugar.
B.   B.  Lunch or dinner: Freshly made, 2-3 roasted chapattis or 4 slices of bread, cooked vegetables without spices, 1 bowl (katori) of curried vegetable, 1 small glass butter-milk or curd without sugar or salt and some seasonal fruit.
.       A. Breakfast: Some fruit or a cup of fresh fruit-juice, 1 egg (poached or boiled), 2 slices of bread with jam or butter, a cup of tea or coffee without milk and sugar.

.       B. Lunch or dinner: Salad, chicken soup, boiled or roasted meat (one piece) or tandoori chicken or fish (not more than two pieces), 1 naan, or 2-3 chapatis, plain curd and some fresh fruit (seasonal).

Shapely Arms

November 13, 2017

The fashion of sleeveless blouses, shirts, maxis and kaftan requires extra attention to be paid to the arms which stay exposed in these attires. Slackness in maintaining shapely arms result in loosing the charm of your outfit. All your efforts to look smart and modern goes waste. some sore points are: very fat arms, hairy forearms, very thin and flabby arms, Likewise, shapelessness, dryness and scragginess mar the beauty. Sleeveless dresses expose their ugliness, giving an unattractive impression of the entire personality. Here are a few suggestions for ensuring their beauty:
Arms are important for your body and a couple of minutes a day spent caring for them can be worthwhile. You must ensure if you have arms which are naturally balanced in shape. If they are flabby and have unwanted fat and flesh, try swimming, grinding with hands, badminton. Or choose some light weight exercise which will give maximum movement to the arms. If your arms are thin, you can increase intake of fat contents and protein in food. Massage with til oil is also useful.
     Unwanted hair on the forearms should not be neglected. They should be removed. There are many methods for removing hair which can be used. If arms are dry, rub in salt on them. Before bath, moisten the arms, take a fistful of salt and rub it in circular motion. Another method is to make a paste with oat flour and milk. Massage the paste on the dry part, leave for 15 minutes and wash off. Skin becomes soft and clean.
     Yet another method for beautiful arms is as follows:
Take 1 spoonful of tomato juice, 1 spoonful lemon juice and 1 spoonful milk. Mix these well and rub on arms. Leave for 15 minutes. Wash off. In winter the oil secreting glands become inactive which results in dryness of the skin. Take a little milk, add olive oil and a few drops of rose water and massage on the arms. Take bath after 15 minutes.
     Elbows are also most often neglected. They become dry, hard and black. Avoid placing elbows on chair or table as far as possible. Scrub them well while bathing. You can use a stone scrubber to clean them. A simple method to clean elbows and make them soft is to take a lemon, slice it into halves, take out the juice, place them on the table and sit placing your elbows within these shells. You can sit in this pose for 10 - 15 minutes.

Body Lotion

November 03, 2017

1/2 tablespoon lanolin
1 tablespoon petroleum jelly
4 tablespoons mineral oil
8 teaspoons clean water
1 tablespoon rose water
5 drops violet extract
Process: melt lanolin petroleum jelly and mineral oil on a medium heat. Heat clean water, rose water and violet extract in another bowl. Mix the contents of 2 containers and stir till it cools down.

Skin Tonic

November 03, 2017

Rose water is the best protector of skin. It was invented by an Arabian doctor in the 10th century. Rose water can be bought at any chemist shop. It can even be  prepared at home. Mix 2 tablespoons of rose-essence in four and a half litres of pure clean water. Stir it. Adding a few drops of rose water in your bath water brings freshnes.

Cold Cream For Face

November 03, 2017

4 tablespoons almond oil
1 tablespoon emulsifying wax
A little scent and a half cucumber.
Process: Peel half a cucumber and cut it into small pieces. Melt almond oil and emulsifying wax on a medium heat and stir it simultaneously. When the two get mixed completely, add cucumber pieces. Now heat the contents for 1 hour on a medium heat. Keep stirring it simultaneously. Then remove resultant thick cream from heat. When it gets cold fill it in a bottle.
You can prepare cold cream from marigold petals also. Take about 50 grams fresh marigold petals, mix it in 2 liters of water taken in a stainless steel pot. Put it on a medium heat, close the lid so that the steam does not escapte. Melt emulsifying wax on slow heat in another pot. Now mix the contents of the 2 and heat it for about 15 minutes. Let it get cold, Then fill it in a bottle.


November 03, 2017

beauty tips :-
2 tablespoons bees wax
1 tablespoon liquid wax
5 teaspoons almond oil.
4 teaspoons water
Scent or scented oil (a few drops).
ProcessMelt bees wax and liquid wax in a china bowl. Add almond oil to it. Heat water in another container and then mix it in the first mixture. Remember that both mixtures should be prepared at same temperatures. Stir the thick mixture with a wooden spoon till it gets cold. During the cooling process add scent.

Beautifull And Shapely Back

November 03, 2017

Usually, women take extra care to beautify their face with make-cases because of the outfit –low-neck and short blouses — it is essential to take care of it. Agreed that scrubbing and cleaning the back is not easy which results in accumulation of layers of dirt on the back, but some measures are to be evolved to clean it. Particularly women with oily skin suffer more because the skin gets black patches and rashes due to dirt. This part becomes itchy and when scratched irritation increases and rashes spread, leaving permanent marks. Those suffering from dandruff in the hair, get it on the back also. It leaves blotches and since the area cannot be reached easily for cleaning, the entire back becomes dark.
Apart from this, other sore points are flabbiness due to general obesity and the growth of hair on the back. To counter these, effective measures, like massage, packs, bleaching, dieting and exercises can be taken.
To heal rashes due to dandruff, use medicated soap for bathing. Also be careful while washing your hair so that the water containing dandruff does not trickle down the back. This is a precaution to counter the contagious attack of dandruff. Rub in some acne lotion at night and wear something loose to avoid itching. Before bath, massage with mustard oil, wait for 5-10 minutes and then scrub well. It will remove dirt. If soap is not effective to clean the back, make a paste with milk and maida, coat it on the back, leave for 10 minutes and wash off with warm water. This clears the skin of its darkness or of its bronze shade acquired due to exposure. Lemon is also effective. Cut a lemon into small pieces and rub them on the back. Let the juice dry. It will take 10 minutes. Wash off with cold water.
Some women have hair-growth on their back. These can be hidden by bleaching. Wash off with hot water, apply cold cream thereafter. This can be repeated twice a month. It will remove the dark patches and give a shine to the back by concealing or camouflaging unwanted hair. Use of face-pack on the back ensures a beautiful, soft and lustrous skin. Home made packs or ready made packs can prove more beneficial, if a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and mustard oil are mixed in it. Also, try besan mixed with rose water and milk. Rub it on face, neck and back. Let it dry for a while, wash off. It clears the skin.
Obesity leads to extra flesh on both sides of your spine. Fitting blouses tighten it further exposing flabby sagging flesh which looks ugly. This can be removed by a massage done by pressing the part with pressure. Balanced diet is also effective, so is swimming. While massaging, hold the extra flesh in a pinch and move it vigorously. Shape of the back depends upon your posture. If you leave it loose while sitting or bend forward letting your back lax, there is every likelihood that you may develop a hunch back. Sleep on a hard bed and walk straight. Much of the appeal of you personality depends on you back.
(Beautifull back)
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Exercises Tips :
Exercise 1 : Lie straight on the floor. Stretch legs and keep arms stretched to the sides. Now, lift up your right arm. Take it up slowly and place it on the floor above your head. Keep for a few seconds and bring it down slowly to it normal position. Do the same with the left arm. Repeat it for three minutes. This exercise will strengthen back muscles.
Exercise 2 : Sit on the floor on your knees like for namaz. Stretch your arms straight above your head. Bend down slowly and touch the floor with your fingers. Repeat daily for 10 – 15 times.

Exercise 3 : Lie down straight on the floor, stretch your arms straight, placing them near the sides of the knees. Lift your back as much as you can without moving your head, arms or legs. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise 4 : Sit straight on a plank (chawki), stretch legs straight. Stretch arms above your head and start bending forward slowly making a 45 degree angle. Without changing your position, try to take back your arms. Come into original position. Repeat 5 – 10 times. (Beautifull back)

Note : Exercises should be done into the morning before bathing and on an empty stomach.
To ascertain an even complexion use foundation on your back along with face and neck. Also use compact powder.


Image result for women exercise  Image result for women exercise

Art Of Beautification Part - 1

November 03, 2017

Macro lotion
Instinct lotion is used to prevent the tendency to tilt the oil skin viscosity, as the oil inhibits the pores. To open them, it is advisable to use good stylet lotion on the exposed part of the skin. The main elements in an astringent lotion are: alum (alum), glycerin and water are some famous brands of this lotion: max-factor, lakme, festival.
calamine lotion
Calamine is used to remove the skin spots and the AO also makes it available in different colors according to the requirement of any color, lacto-calamine and visco turmeric creams of Lekma are popular products.
The Foundation not only exposes the spot, but also makes the skin smooth so that the face is attractive and well prepared. The Hi-Fi Foundation Cream of Max-Factor is available in many colors. It can be chosen according to your color. Satin glow is in liquid form by lactam and is useful for all types of skin. The ‘natural look’ by Gala and sheer genius is full-beauty aids by themselves in the maximum-factor.
face powder
Face powder is applied after the application of foundation to make the face bright and shiny. Face powder is available in different colors and should be chosen according to your skin’s face. Chemicals such as kaolin, talc magnesium steerate, magnesium carbonate, zinc oxide, yellow oxide, gray oxide and perfumes are the main components of face powder. Do not breathe in the face because chemicals are harmful to the lungs. The reason for this cancer can be Lakme, Max-Factor and Producers of Pounds Face Powder.

Applying Nail Polish

November 03, 2017

Rest your arm on a table so that the hands do not shake while applying nail polish. Remove all grease from nails. Shake well the nail polish bottle and apply with brush from the root of nails to their tips. Leave it for 5 minutes to dry. Apply a second coat. It gives shine. Polish should not spread to the skin around the nails. Nail polish tends to get air bubbles when the bottle is shaken often, and it also clots. This spoils the polish. It then cannot be applied evenly.
For polishing, first apply it on the sides and fill in the middle carefully. This will prevent it from spreading to the sides. In order to bring extra shine on the nails varnish can be applied for 12 hours before using nail polish. In rainy season, it takes longer to dry. Remember to remove nail polish once a wek for nails to breathe. Use only standard products. Sub-standard nail polishes may harm the roots of nails.
Nails can be given the disired shape with nail polish. For example, if you want them to look roundish, do not use nail polish on sides. They can be made to look oblong, by leaving out the elevated corners without nail polish. If both edges are left without polish, nails look smaller in size.

Beautiful Hands

November 03, 2017

  • Take milk cream, add a few drops of lemon juice and glycerine. Run on hands at night.
  • Wash hands with vinegar mixed water or lemon juice mixed water to ward off the ill-effects of hot water, soda, soap, and other detergents.
  • Glycerine, mixed with rose water or cucumber juice should be rubbed on hands with a cotton wool swab. It cleans the skin.
  • Massage hands and fingers with almond oil at night before going to bed. It makes skin attractive.
  • Use hand lotion in winter to avoid winter-dryness. If your skin is too dry, add carbolic acid to vaselinne and rub in.
  • If hands are rough, take a spoonful of sugar and lemon juice. Rub palms till sugar dissolves. Wash off with cold water. Honey can be used instead of sugar. Boil potatoes. Peel them before they get cold. Pulp them well and rub the pulp on fingers.
  • Hairy hands look ugly. These hair can be removed by waxing, or hidden by bleaching. Bleach or wax once a month.


Bathing – Keep It Fresh

November 03, 2017

Your are a lucky one if you have clean, beautiful, soft and lustrous skin. But, is there any guarantee that it will last forever ? What is bequeathed to you by nature is your treasure and you have to preserve it, for which you have to make efforts.
Bath is an effective beauty therapy. It is important not only for cleanliness but also for the skin. If you are using soap, do not use very hot water. It will damage the oil glands. Fresh, lukewarm water is best for takiing bath. Apply soap on the exposed parts to remove dirt and dust particles. Use water in pleanty, do not be economical in your use of water. Towel should be clean, soft and puffy. Ascertain before wiping that you have washed off all soap. Wipe with towel by dabbing and then rubbing gently. Do not rub the towel on tender parts such as face, neck, chin and stomach otherwise wrinkles will appear.


November 03, 2017

Strong winter winds and scorching summer heat are natural enemies of complexion. Beauty-conscious women feel concerned over the ravages of weather and seek timely help of beauticians. Bleaching is useful in regaining the original complexion and helps in revitalising the paleness of skin caused due to heat or dryness. It also prevents growth of facial hair. Generally, threading or waxing is advised as a remedial measure for removal of unwanted hair. Waxing leads to wrinkles and threading hardens the roots of the hair. Bleaching, on the other hand, colours the thin and fine hair and keeps the complexion fair by hiding these tiny hair.
Often, I get clients with problems arising from faclty bleaching at home. In an attempt to bleach their face themselves, women often do them incorrectly and some what harm their face. Bleaching requires an efficient knowledge of the ratio and proportion of the powder and other ingredients. Different proportion are required for different persons. Disproportionate mixture can harm the skin and cause allergy to bleaching or may scorch the skin making it smudgy. It is, therefore, advisable to get one’s first bleaching done by an expert beautician. Later, on learning the technique, one may do it on their own. But, it is better to use a small quantity of the mixture on the sensitive skin on the lower side of the neck to test its effect. If there is minor irritation, you need not worry. But if the  burning is sharp, discontinue the use immediately.

BINDI : The Shinning Star

November 03, 2017

Add a zero to the figure 1 and its value will increase 10 times. Likewise, place a bindi on your forehead after make-up and the charm of the face will enhance 10 times. Bindi is a symbol, not only of beauty is an indication of a married woman. A married Hindu woman uses various symbols – sindur, bangles, mangal sutra, bichhuye on the toes andt alta on the feet. Likewise,  symbol of good luck and purity. It has found its way in folk-literature, poetry, sculpture and other forms of arts and literature.

Inancient times bhasm or chandan were used on the forehead by men. Women decorated the forehead with a red dot symbolic of good luck like the rising Sun. They used materials varying from roli, kumkum, sindur. Today, are available in different colours to match your make-up and dress. Although, traditionally only a round dot is permissible, these days the bindis are available in many shapes, some of them being religious symbols like trident, conch, star,lamp and so on. Today even unmarried women.
The colour of your dress and the shape of your face should determine the shape, size and colour of the bindi you choose. Some popular motifs available are — round, long, oblong, triangular, crescent moon, a round  with small dots surrounding it, etc. You are the best judge to decide what suits you. Some tips are, however, given here. A small forehead appears large with an oblong . A broad forehead looks good with a round bindi. On a fair complexion, red looks striking whereas on dark complexion pink, orange or sandalwood colour appears prominent. Whitish complexion requires a light red . If the skin is very dark, do not use red, steel grey or chocolate colours. For large eyes, big bindi is suitable, for small eyes a small bindi.

Lipstick Idea’s Part – 1

November 03, 2017

Lipsticks add colour to your lips. Every beauty-conscious woman should be aware of the right shade of lipstick to be used which will complement the shape of her face, lips, complexion and her clothes. Lipstick is considered to be a morale booster, and essentially helps a woman gain self-confidence.
Lipstick is used to add life to the lips but if applied shabbily, it looks ugly. Before applying lipstick clean the lips with a piece of cotton wool swab dipped in cleansing milk. Lipstick does not give lustre if lips are not clean. Do not use soap on the lips because they have soft skin. Applyfoundation as a base on the lips then let it dry and apply lipstick by first drawing an outline followed by filling it in.

Lipstick Idea’s – 2

November 03, 2017

Lipstick can be applied with a brush but it requires skill and practice. If lipstick spreads on apply powder on them, let it dry and then apply lipstick. Many times it is not very comfortable to apply it while standing, because hands may shake and thus it may spread. So, it is advisable to use a dressing-table, rest your elbows on the dressing table. Put on lipstick on the upper lip, followed by the lower lip. Use a lighter tinge first and then darker for glow. After applying a light tinge, keep a tissue paper between your lips and wipe off the extra lipstick with tissue paper. Then use a dark colour. Blend both the colours with a brush. Using a lip gloss adds to lustre to lips after applying lipstick 

Lipstick Idea’s – 3

November 03, 2017

 Lipstick can change the look of the lips broad lips can be made to look thin and vice versa and the shape of lips can also be moulded to some extent. If you have a small face use light shade on lower lip and darker tinge on the upper lip. Likewise, apply light shade on the upper lip and dark on the lower lip if lips are thin. For broad lips reduce the out-line considerably. On the contrary for making thin lips look broad enhanse the outline. Uneven lips can be given the desired shape by making an appropriate outline. For thickness apply two coats. Remove the lipstick before going to bed. It is advisable to use a good quality product sub-standard product can spoil the colour and texture of your lips.

Lipstick Idea’s – 4

November 03, 2017

Choose the lipsstick shade as per your age, the occasion and the clothes you are wearing. Natural shades suit young girls. Working women should not use bright shades while going to work. Young women with fair complexion between 18-25 should use pink shades. Women with dark complexion in this age group can use broken shades. Women between 25-40 should go in for lighter shades.
As for the colour of outfit you wearing, like with orange shade of your sari, use pink lipstick. with pink sari use crimson. You cannot match you lipstick with every outfit that you wear, but you can always wear something that complements your skin tone.
  • If you have a small mount, draw outer outline with a lip pencil of a darker shade and fill in the a light shade lipstick.
  • If you have a broad mouth, use light shaded lipsticks.
  • If your lower lip is protruding use dark shade lipstick at the centre of your lips and draw an outline with a lighter shad.
  • Do no re-touch on a stale lipstick. It does not shine. Nor does it look even.


November 03, 2017

Dandruff is an enemy of the hair. It weakens the roots. Consequently, hair begins falling off. This is a kind of contagious disease. Dandruff sticks to the skin of the scalp in a cake from and blocks free flow of air to the hair roots. As a result, hair becomes weak at the roots and looses its hold. Using the comb, soap or bursh of a man with dandruff should be avoided as it is contagious.
Now, an important question comes up what is dandruff?
The cells underneath our skin are constantly undergoing changes. The dead cells fall on the skin, which are known as dandruff. If your hair is gripped by fast changes it is better to consult a doctor. Dandruff is off 2 kinds dry and oily. Dry dandruff causes itch, while oily dandruff sticks to the  scalp.
Many medicines and medicated soaps and shampoos are available to check dandruff, but the most effective is keeping your hair clean. Brush your hair at least thrice a day and shampoo once a week at least. Use of a pragmater ointment at night is beneficial. While washing your hair, ensure the water does not trickle down your face. There are chances you may get pimples. Some home remedies to remove dandruff is given follows:
Take 6 spoonfuls of water, add 2 spoonfuls pure vinegar and apply it on the scalp with cotton wool swab before going to bed. Tie a towel around the head to protect your pillow. Wash your head next morning. After shampooing, rinse again with vinegar water. Continue this once a week for at least three months.
Massage the scalp with almond oil and steam bathe your hair. Steam bathe is taken by dipping the towel in boiling watr and wrapping it around the hair, like a turban. Do not let the corners of your towel be wet, so that you can hold them. When your towels gets cold repeat it 3-4 times. Steaming opens the scalp pores and increases the capacity of the hair to absorb oil from its roots .

Hair Lice

November 03, 2017

Problem of Lice
A lock of curly, black and long hair is a symbol of health and beauty. It is every woman’s ordent desire to have such hair which could be the envy of others. But, hair care is a constant process and one cannot afford to be slack. Any clackness in cleanliness breeds lice. A louse is a wingless parasitic insect with 6 claw-like feet. It is grey in colour but it turns brownish after suckign blood, which it does with 2 small trunk like whiskers. A louse egg hatches in 9 days and within a fortnight the young ones attain maturity. Long hair is more prone to lice infestation.
The back portion of the head itches when infested with lice. Itch causes abrasion of the scalp skin. Lice can be controlled by removing their eggs in the initial stages. Avoid using towels, soap or comb of a person with lice.
Controlling Lice
Take talcum powder and add 0.2 per cent prethrum dust in it or add 10 per cent DTT. Sprinkle this powder on the hair before going to bed and rub it vigorously so that it reaches the roots. Cover your mouth, nose and eyes to protect them from the powder.
An anti lice oil can also be made with coconut of mustard oil mixed with 0.2 per cent lindane or 0.1 per cent prethrum essence. This oil can be rubbed well into the scalp to kill lice.
The above mentioned concoctions should be used at night. Tie a cloth around your head after applying any one of the medicines. let it remain at least for 24 hours. While washing off, do not use soap or shampoo. Repeat this for a week. Lice and their eggs will both be eliminated.

Hair Shampoo

November 03, 2017

  • 2 eggs
  • 50 gm soapnut (reetha)
  • 50 gm dried amla
  • 50 gm shikakai
Process :  Grind all the above (except egg) and boil in 2 literes of clean water. Add yolk of 2 eggs to the boiling water. When the mixture gets cold filter it.

Hair Fall

November 03, 2017

Falling hair is one of the biggest problems. Usually, we have hundreds and thousands of hair, and falling of old hair to make place of the new ones is a natural cycle. So, it is not quite serious if 10 to 20 hair choose to fall daily. But, when hair come out as locks and begins to thin it is a matter of concern. There are 3 stages in the process of shedding hair – normal falling, chronic baldness and temporary baldness.

Normal Fall of Hair
    In this condition, hair fall begins gradually. Within a couple of days it becomes rapid when locks of hair start showing in the comb. This is chronic to women and can be assigned to one of the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy
  • Post-preganancy
  • Breast-feeding
  • Reaction to medicines
  • High fever

When hair begins falling suddenly without any of the above causes, try to find out the reason, and start treatment accordingly. Many a times hair fall for a while and then stops suddenly, when conditions normalize. But, if it is not controlled even after treatment, it is better to consult a doctor. Do not use too hot water for washing hair. Also ensure that you use a quality shampoo.

Hair Style

November 03, 2017

To a large extent a woman’s beauty depends on her hair style. A woman’s charm is enhanced if her hair Style is set according to the face and body. Face can be round, flat, oval and oblong. Hair should be styled according to the shape of the face. You are the best judge to decide which Hair style suits you. Look at the a mirror and decide. If you are unable to decide, take the help of beautician. Here are some hints for you to choose the right-style:

Straight and untied hair make a round face look longish and attractive. The end of the hair should be as long as the end of the chin.
For a long face, short hair spread at the end on the sides look attractive. Longish style does not suit a long face.
Oval Face
An oval face usually has a broad forehead and a pointed chin. Hair should be spread at the top and clinging at the bottom so that the face appears symmetrical. Do not part hair in the middle.
Flat Face
Curls look attractive on a flat face. Let hair dangle on the forehead, eyes and temples so that they appear scattered. Do not part your hair in the middle.
Short Neck
If you have a short neck, let your hair be short so that a major part of the neck is exposed.
Small Forehead and Broad Jaw
Hair should be trimmed at the front. Back combing is advisable. For a broad jaw have a hair-cut which comes upto the jaws so that the breadth is hidden and jaws looks small.
Small Chin
For a small chin, go for a hair-cut that reaches the chin and roll the ends inwards so that the ears and chin are partly covered.
Large Ears
If ears are proportionately large, try to hide them. Have a hair-cut on the sides with ends rolled inward towards the ears.
Tall Height, Slim Body
Any hair-style suits this figure. Shoulder cuts look particularly attractive.
Tall Height, Fat Body
An obese body looks unattractive with too short or too long hair. Short hair on a fat person make her appear too short and fat.
Short height, Slim Body
Any style will suit but do not go for very long hair. Scattered hair make the upper part look obese.
Short Height, Fat Body
Have a cut only upto jaws. Do not scatter the hair. The body will look fat.

Eye shadow

November 03, 2017

Eye shadow is used on the eyelid between the eyebrows and eyelashes. This is a tender part. Hence, eye-shadow is applied with a finger. It is available in many shades but one should be very careful in choosing a suitable shade. Likewise, it is available in many forms cread, powder, cake, stick. The cream form is more popular. Use a little face powder on the eyelid as a base before using an eye shadow. Since most Indian women have dark, black eyes, they can use chocolate, green or mauve shades. Eye shadows should be used for night make up. If you are going to attend a wedding or party during the day time, you may use it in light touches. Sunken eyes look more sunken with eye shadow. Women with such eyes should avoid using it. They should use foundation cream in its place. For prodruding eyes, brownish tinge is suitable, which should be filled in upto eye brows.
Mascara is used to thicken the eyelashes. It should also be used for evenin g make up. Mascara is put on with a brush at the root of the eyelashes and is applied upto the end of the lashes. It is available in many shades, though black is more popular. During day time, apply black  or steel grey shades. At night, black eye liner, dark mascara and white eye shadow is normally used. For bluish and brown eyes, black eye liner with light blue mascara for day time; and for evenings, blue eye liner, blue mascara and blue eye shadow is suitable.
Take care to remove this make up before going to bed. It should be cleaned with baby oil. Close your eyes, apply baby oil on a cotton wool swab and scrub slowly, gently. First clean the upper part and ends. Open your eyes and clean the lower part.

Shape of Eyebrows

November 03, 2017

Some women are allergic to eye make up. In this case, the eyes redden, water and the skin around the eyes redden, water and the skin around the eyes get a burning sensation. Use only good quality products. The markets are flooded with sub standard or imitation products. Beware of them or you will spoil even your natural charm in a bid to heighten it artificially. Discontinue the use if you feel any irritation, rashes, ets. Always take care to clean your hands and brushes well to avoid infection.
Shape of Eyebrows
Eyebrows play an important role in heightening the beauty of the eyes. Do not give shape to your eyebrows by using a razor, instead, use a plucker or go for threading. Pull the hair upwards from their roots if you are using a plucker pincer. Threading, howere, is more advisable to pluckign because when plucked with pincers the roots become harder and hard hair sprout. Not so inthreading. After  plucking or threading use ‘Eav-de-cologue’ or an anti septic cream lotion to prevent a burning sensation.

Eyes : Eyebrows

November 03, 2017

Plucking or threading should start with a point near nose and end towards the outer end of the eyes. First pluck the hair on the sides, then come to the middle lower part. It ensures a good curve. Eyebrows should not be too bushy. They should be thick in the middle and thin and bent at the ends. A drop or two of oil, rubbed gently gives them lustre.
Give shape to your eyebrows according to the shape of your face to enhance the beauty of the face.
Eyebrows that Suit the Shape of your Face
  • An oval face requires small eyebrows approx. as long as the length of eyes, with trim ends and thick middle.
  • Round face should have long eyebrows with thin ends sliding downwards.
  • On a square face they should be small, crescent shaped and sliding from both sides. They should be thick and bent at the middle.
  • For a triangular face, have eyebrows which are thick and straight. One third of the end should bend down.
  • A pearshaped face looks beautifil with straight eyebrows, not very long, but having pointed ends.
  • If you ave a logish nose, do not draw eyebrows too high up the eyes otherwise eyes will look very small.

Eye Cream

November 03, 2017

  • 1 tablespoon lanolin
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons almond oil
  • 1 teaspoon soyabeen flour
  • 2 teaspoons cold water
Process : Melt lanolin on medium heat. Add almond oil to it. Remove the ensuing thick paste from heat. Add soyabeen powder and cold water to it and stir for 10 minutes. Do not mix ay perfume while preparing the eye cream. It might affect the eyes. Using eye-cream is useful if there are circles or dark spots beneath the eyes.
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